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Our wishlist for Indian auto companies post coronavirus pandemic

Yes, we all are aware that the Indian auto industry is witnessing a massive slowdown during the times of the coronavirus. The problem is being faced by both the companies and consumers, many of whom may have postponed deliveries of their new cars. It would be an understatement to say that the virus has thrown all our plans out of gear, which is why we have drawn up this wishlist from manufacturers.

Each of these demands has been made from auto enthusiasts and buyers from time to time. Check out the list and tell us which all you may want to see the light of day:

  1. Relaunch of the iconic HM Ambassador- One of the most spacious Indian cars built yet, this vehicle certainly deserves to continue in the Indian market, considering it is as good an Indian mascot around several countries as any. Of course, this cannot happen unless the Ambassador gets a new heart, which is not just more fuel-efficient but also more powerful than the 1.8 ISZ.    


  1. Better build quality by Maruti- One of the top issues which is not really given much priority by the top management at Maruti is the build quality of its cars. Simply providing ABS, EBD and airbags is not enough to reduce vehicle damage in the event of an accident. Imagine how much the company can grow if it invests just a little more into build quality.



  1. Launch of Suzuki Jimny- The exit of the iconic Maruti Gypsy has left a void in the hearts of many off-road enthusiasts in India. Most buyers would love to get their hands on the Jimny really soon, and its capability as described by the media is anything to go by, this will undoubtedly become a best seller in no time.


  1. Availability of door-to-door services by all major auto manufacturers- Consumers would simply love it if companies can provide door-to-door servicing facilities during lockdown. More people will be inclined to give their vehicles for servicing on time once lockdown is removed.
  2. Better organization of the used car market- The potential of the used car market is huge in India, but it has still not been tapped as well as US. One of the major reasons for this is the presence of several unorganized players. If more entrants like Mahindra First Choice and Maruti True Value can enter the fray, there will be more trust and higher sales.  
  3. New Tata Sierra should be launched soon- Tata Motors is already on the rise with its new models, and it should go in for the kill by launching the new Tata Sierra.

Every car company can benefit by perfecting a strategy comprising of bringing back an iconic car and state-of-the-art services during lockdown. If these are possible, the post-corona period will be very interesting for buyers and manufacturers alike.